Task forces

In response to specific requests made by our members to contribute to knowledge building and the sharing of best practices, EACC has created three Task Forces in the fields of Management, Logistics and Human Resources.

Share best business practices with other experts!

These Task Forces are open to active professionals who understand the benefit of sharing best practices across industries, ensuring that there is no silo thinking. Each Task Force meets about every 8 weeks to address strategic issues, share findings and best practices and make mutual recommendations for improvement.

If you wish to create a Task Force in your field of expertise or if you are interested in joining an existing one, please don’t hesitate to contact us at contactlyon@eaccfrance.eu. Priority and preferential rates are given to EACC members.

Logistics and customs

Supply chain optimization and customs control represent a source of productivity and profitability for companies. Aware of this issue, and following up on the requests of companies in the region, the EACC has developed a tool for monitoring and exchanging of good practices with colleagues and experts through its Logistics and Customs Task Force.

Risk and Compliance

L’objectif de ce nouveau groupe de travail créé à l’initiative de l’EACC est de vous accompagner dans l’intégration des règles complexes qui s’imposent à vos entreprises pour répondre aux nombreuses exigences régulant les marchés.

Human Resources

Conscient de la difficulté que les sociétés peuvent rencontrer lorsqu’elles gèrent leurs contraintes en ressources humaines, le comité de pilotage de l’EACC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes a décidé de mettre en place un groupe de travail en Ressources Humaines.

Innovative management

The EACC offers you a collaborative and creative inter-member working format, inspired by North American management techniques and principles. The goal is to explore new management models in response to organizational transformations.

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