Notre activité : Connecting companies, their brands and leaders to their communities using creative communication strategies (Brand, Influence, Social Media).

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Un lien vers un article sur pourquoi la communication a besoin d’être plus que des mots

Mes coups de cœur du moment :
– #WakeUpNick & #OffTheVent- how an entire country on instagram is routing for an actor to wake up from induced coma because of covid-19.
– #Brewdogs – the brewery will soon be directly powered by three wind turbines. Providing them with 2.4 megawatts of clean electricity to power their entire brewery. Will this lockdown give other companies the chance to rethink their business models and look at prioritising sustainability?
– Foldit, the online video game that challenges players to fold various proteins into shapes where they are stable. The goal: to crowdsource solutions for coronavirus.

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