Actionable recommendations & Innovative approaches

Thanks to our partnership with Pepperdine University California, we are able to offer you a unique opportunity to move your company forward, free of chargeAs part of their Masters of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) program, this  experienced group of managers from Graziadio School of Business and Management, provides FREE short-term organizational assessments to our members

The consultants will come to your office and take only two hours of your time on two days to come up with ideas and actionable recommendationsIf you are curious about a challenge, feel stuck with a project, or would just like some new creative ways of looking at a situation, then consider inviting them to perform Flash Consulting for you.

Typical projects

Pepperdine University managers can help you with various issues and challenges: HR issues, relocation, leadership, conflict management, team building, employee productivity, and more.


Sample topics

·         Change management

·         Board relations

·         Motivation and participation

·         Conflict management

·         Teambuilding

·         New manager installation

·         Cross group collaboration

·         Customer – supplier feedback loops

·         Organization climate


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The team was very professional, they did their best to understand our company’s own specificities. We now apply the methods, tools and techniques they have developed in our day to day operations successfully!

Gustavo Bracho

Marketing, Communication and Events Director, Hard Rock Café Lyon

The group was very professional. In 2 days they were able to design a special tool for us that we have used every day since. It was a great intercultural experience!

Annabelle Esbri

Managing Director, ITAMA

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