EACC Academy

Smart Business Traning

EACC has just opened the doors of its very own academy!

Enjoy access to our seminars and webinars and seize knowledge building opportunities from our partners who specialize in communication and strategy. Develop your public speaking skills and capacities in conducting international business now!


We are flexible and can adapt each of our trainings to meet the specific needs of your company regarding either content or length.


Drop us a line and get started!

Our Trainer


Brad Stock is a natural entrepreneur and over the last 30 years has participated in the creation and development of a dozen businesses in Europe and North America. He is passionate about helping people create finely crafted messages to reach their goals. He has coached world champion athletes, professional conference speakers and high-ranking executives to express themselves with conviction and pursue their dreams. An eternal optimist, he contributes his enthusiasm to all the projects he participates in.