September 28, 2022  |  4.00PM CET 

Open to all EACC Members!


The EU’s New Tech Rules and Transatlantic Business
What do you Need to Know and How Should you Prepare

Are you a US company already offering online services or products to clients in the EU? Are you considering expanding your online business to Europe? Are you a start-up or scale-up still developing your business model with an eye on Europe?

Don’t be caught unprepared!
Join us to find out what type of businesses/services/products will be covered by the DSA-DMA Package, what you need to know to anticipate on these new rules and how to build them into your business model.


Topics to be addressed
➢ What are the DMA and DSA?
➢ Which online services will be impacted and what type of companies should be concerned?
➢ How will the DSM and DMA fit into the EU’s array of tech legislation alongside the 2016 General Data Protection Regulation?
➢ What role will the EU/US Trade & Technology Council have with regard to the implementation of these rules and their impact on US companies?
➢ What routes might the U.S. take as it considers similar regulations on tech companies?
➢ What concretely can you do to prepare and what is the timeline?

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