Transatlantic Trade Update: Trade PostCOVID19 – What’s new ? 

Join us for a Look Ahead for Trans-Atlantic trade, how it is affected by COVID-19 and how EU-U.S. Trade may change after the US Elections and with Brexit looming.

The Panel will address:

● Have COVID-19 induced changes in trade been here to stay?
● Have supply chain and service impacts been diverted?
● What trade deals have been made and have EU/U.S. collaborations taken place to explore alternatives to Chinese technologies?
● And what will happen now that Brexit is knocking on the door?

●  Pascal Lamy, President Emeritus, JACQUES DELORS INSTITUTE, Former Director-General, WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION (WTO)
●  Lucinda Creighton, Chief Executive Officer, VULCAN CONSULTING Ltd.
●  Ben Digby, Head of Global Trade Policy, HSBC
●  Andrew Moravcsik, Professor of Politics and International Affairs, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY [Moderator]