4 pm – 5 pm


The EU Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak: From Managing the Emergency to Relaunching the Economy

European governments have taken draconian though necessary measures to stop the spread of the corona-virus pandemic. Lock-down and social distancing have put the economy in what can be best described as a pharmacological-induced coma. 

EU Member States and EU Institutions have taken swift actions to bolster the healthcare sector’s response capacity while providing businesses and workers with the necessary lifeblood to bridge the shutdown. 

As Europe progressively start re-opening its economy, it is time to assess the effectiveness of the measures taken, but also look ahead and see how best the EU can ensure that the wounds of the pandemic do not translate into long-lasting scars.

Join us in a conversation with Elena Flores, Director for International Economic and Financial Relations and Global Governance at the European Commission, to discuss the economic impact of COVID-19, EU Member States’ and EU institutions’ policy response and how Europe is planning to restart economic growth and turn the page on the pandemic. 



●   Elena Flores,  Director, International Economic and Financial Relations and Global Governance, Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs, EUROPEAN COMMISSION
●   Yvonne Bendinger-Rothschild, Executive Director, EUROPEAN AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NEW YORK [Moderator]

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