Facilitating Transatlantic Business 

EACC France created its first Regional Chapter in November 2012 with a dynamic Board of Directors from a wide range of prominent industries and services in the Region.

From its office in Lyon, this Chapter covers the territory of Auvergne-Rhone-Alps to create links between French, European and American companies through networking events, high-level conferences, seminars, working committees, training and special projects.

We work closely with the U.S. Consulate and local development agencies as well as with other American organizations, namely the American Club, France Amériques Rhône-Alpes in Lyon and The American Corner and France Etats-Unis in Grenoble.

EACC is open to companies of any nationality and non-profit organizations. Please see our Membership section for further details.

Local Team

  • Nathalie Berliet
  • Brad Stock
  • Natacha Lalande
  • Eric Wallenbrock
  • Cédric Allouard

Nathalie BerlietBradley StockNatacha LalandeEric WallenbrockCédric Allouard

Board of Directors

  • Véronique Pequignat
  • Guillaume Villard
  • Jerry Cave
  • Johann Sponar
  • Loïc Faucheur
  • Sébastien Michel