Founded in 1934, Tecumseh Products Company is a leading global manufacturer of hermetic reciprocating, rotary and scroll compressors ranging in capacity from 1/15th to 30 horsepower, as well as offering a complete line of condensing units and systems for use in residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. 

Tecumseh Products Company LLC is renowned for bringing an extra dimension of product innovation, customer reliance, and product quality to the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.  As a result of our innovative spirit and product performance, people rely on our products every day.  We literally touch the lives of millions.

Tecumseh products are manufactured on four continents and sold globally through a network of sales professionals, authorized wholesalers and licensed distributors offering brand names that include: Celseon®, L’Unite Hermetique®, Masterflux®, Silensys®, and Wintsys®.

Tecumseh Products Company is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Tecumseh Europe is a subsidiary of the American group Tecumseh Products Company, established in France : head office around Lyon and 3 plants in France. With 1, 350 employees, Tecumseh Europe focuses on innovation and quality of the products with complete solutions.