Religo SAS. is working with Start-Up & small cap companies in the Healthcare, Chemicals, Energy, Technology sectors to support the development of the United States market. With offices in Lyon and New York, we work on an ongoing basis with many regional organizations across USA & Europe. Our services focus on developing effective strategies for our clients and identifying well-targeted business partners. Our services include:

  • Market analysis A market overview is the prerequisite for understanding the opportunities and challenges in the market.  
  • Partner Search The objective of this service is to identify US companies (importers/distributors/agents) that wish to partner with our client through a marketing and sales agreement.   
  • US Companies acquisition We can screen/ prioritize in the the US  landscape the companies that could be a good fit with the French company objective (portfolio diversification, technology, geography coverage, cross-competency fertilization, service)
  • Integration plan/ set-up in the US/ Business roadmap In the case of a US company sale, we can assist the management in building the Transition/ Integration plan/ Source Talent/ Act as the Interim management head