EACC Academy

Smart Business Traning

EACC has just opened the doors of its very own academy!

Enjoy access to our seminars and webinars and seize knowledge building opportunities from our partners who specialize in communication and strategy. Develop your public speaking skills and capacities in conducting international business now!


We are flexible and can adapt each of our trainings to meet the specific needs of your company regarding either content or length.


Drop us a line and get started!

Our Trainers


Brad Stock is a natural entrepreneur and over the last 30 years has participated in the creation and development of a dozen businesses in Europe and North America. He is passionate about helping people create finely crafted messages to reach their goals. He has coached world champion athletes, professional conference speakers and high-ranking executives to express themselves with conviction and pursue their dreams. An eternal optimist, he contributes his enthusiasm to all the projects he participates in.

Elizabeth ASCHERL

With 25 years’ experience in top-level communication skills training, Liz Ascherl is passionate about helping her clients craft and deliver key messages. She has helped hundreds of professionals improve their communication to enjoy greater performance and achieve their goals. Her aim is to be truly transformative for her clients. Liz is trilingual (English, French, German) with an Executive MBA from ESSEC & Mannheim Business School (Best of Class 2016). Her passion for helping women communicate with greater impact has led her to become a Co-Pilot for Est’Elles Executive, Strasbourg and a Mentor for Vital Voices, Germany.


Lucy Hoffmann has over 20 years’ experience training professionals from around the world in industry, business, the public sector and government. With a background in foreign languages, education and psychology as well as a personal passion for the performing arts, Lucy works both in English and in French to help others nail their strategic communication and their ability to speak in public with pizazz. She loves supporting and coaching people in situations where the stakes are high and they need to project knowledge of their subject articulately, as well as ooze calm confidence!


Sven Van Vliet performed his first Masters of Ceremonies at the ripe age of 12 years old (and it was a disaster). Since then, he has been passionate about helping others succeed in public speaking, strategic communication and conquering fears that prevent us all from becoming powerful communicators. His studies and experience in international business and management have allowed him to guide a variety of individuals across countries, cultures and industries to communicate with confidence, purpose and precision.

Philip LAST

Philip Last est un dirigeant-facilitateur depuis 15 ans qui aide les entreprises dans leur projet d’innovation et de gestion de changement d’hommes, de produits et de services pour apporter de la croissance et de la confiance dans leur projet de développement. Facilitateur en Français et en Anglais.

Dominique FENOT

Dominique Fenot est un formateur-facilitateur qui met ses 20 ans d’expérience dans le management et la vente au service des participants pour les accompagner dans leurs changements de paradigmes et des habitudes qu’ils vont mettre en place.


Damien, dirigeant de 3Conseils (Lyon), est un expert de l’approche Lean management, Black Belt certifié Lean Six Sigma. Il présente une expérience confirmée dans l’identification des opportunités d’amélioration, dans l’animation d’équipes projets en environnement Service et Industrie. Il forme également en entreprise et enseigne en école de management et à l’université sur Lyon 1 avec laquelle il a créé le Diplôme Universitaire (DU) Lean Agile. Il s’intéresse plus largement à l’Entreprise et au développement de nouvelles méthodes de management et d’animation. Il anime des conférences, utilise activement le sketchnoting, conçoit des formations participatives et pratique le théâtre d’improvisation.