4 pm – 5 pm


Update on the State of the Transatlantic Economy

We invite all EACC members across our network to join our kick-off program to a special webinar series to keep you up to date on the economic developments on both sides of the Atlantic and how COVID-19 is affecting business in Europe & the U.S.

We will bring together renowned chief economists from key U.S. and European banks in a fire-side chat to share their views with our audience.


         Topics to be discussed in the first program of this series:

U.S.A. – living a pandemic economy
●  Services vs manufacturing: pace of change
●  Policy response: enough, and soon enough?

Europe – the road to recovery and normalization
●  How sharp will the GDP contract and which countries will be hardest hit?
●  Government interventions – will they help shorten the impact on the economy or just leave Europe with a legacy of public debt?
●  How will the burden be shared across Europe?
●  Will Europe avoid the mistakes of 2011/2012?

Both EU & US
●  What levers have Central banks left to intervene
●  Global outlook: rapid evolution, accumulating shocks



●    Fabio Balboni, European Chief Economist, HSBC BANK
●    Catherine Mann, Chief Economist, CITI
●    Moderator: Ali Velshi, Host of « Velshi » at MSNBC (tbc)

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