4 pm


Supply Chain Triage: Issues to Consider in a Global Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting companies around the world and causing major concern about supply chain disruption. Companies are being forced to prepare for unforeseen events, mobilize rapidly and set up crisis-management mechanisms.


Topics to be covered in this webinar:

           – Sourcing globally and disruptions to supply chains during the pandemic

           – Supply chain logistics

  • Operational challenges and how they are being managed on the ground
  • Logistical issues (container contamination/flight restrictions/harbor closures)
  • Technology solutions to help plan ahead: Are they working and what needs to change?
  • Update on continuity and challenges in European logistics

         – US tariffs on products of the EU and China

  • Sanctions/tariffs for emergency supplies
  • The Intersection of trade policy and the pandemic (and other crises to come)

         -Looking ahead

  • How will this experience change global supply chain management
  • Risk mitigation along the links of the chain: What will supply chain logistics look like going forward (distributed warehouses, local value add, operational changes on the ground)



●  Laura Siegel Rabinowitz, Partner, GREENBERG TRAURIG
●  Didier Vanderperre, VP Operations, CLASQUIN
●  Stan de Caluwe, Sr Manager Supply Chain Solutions, HOLLAND INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION COUNCIL
●  Wim Dillen, International Development Manager, ANTWERP PORT AUTHORITY

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