TBWA\CORPORATE specializes in the development of advocacy for companies, their brands and their C-levels.

Leveraging an array of stakeholder specialists (with intimate knowledge of the press, regulators, e-influencers, investors, candidates, etc.) TBWA\CORPORATE develops disruptive, entrepreneurial and partnership-based approaches that combine creative focus, idea culture and KPI-driven projects. The company has won 5 Effie awards over the past 5 years.

TBWA\CORPORATE’s current clients include Accenture, Airbus group, Alstom, APRR, Axa, beiN SPORTS , BNP Paribas, Club Med, Dassault Systèmes, Disney Business Solutions, Emirates, EasyJet, EPRUS, Entreprise Rent a car, the French Army, the French Red Cross (CRF), Gemalto, Google, the Government Information Service (SIG),  PermiGo, Saint-Gobain, Total, Vicat…

TBWA is part of Omnicom, the second largest worldwide communication group, and counts 267 agencies in 77 countries and over 12.000 collaborators. TBWA\Worldwide creates disruptive ideas for global clients such as Accenture, Adidas, Apple, AirBnB, Henkel, Mars, McDonald’s, Michelin, Nissan, Pernod Ricard, Samsonite, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore Airlines.

For more information: www.tbwa.com